The Theosophical Society was founded
    by Madame Blavatsky, Col. Henry Steele
    Olcott, William Quan Judge & others in
    New York City in 1875.

    In 1879 Madam Blavatsky and Col. Olcott
    relocated to India....then in 1882, they  
    established the International Headquarters
    of the Society at Adyar, a suburb of Madras,
    where it has since remained....
    The Society today, has National Memberships in some seventy countries
and there are Lodges and Study Centers located in most major cities. In the
United States there are approximately 150 Lodges and Study Centers all over the

    In 1907, international leadership passed to Annie Besant, who presided over the
    Theosophical Society's expansion in the early part of the 20th century. In 1919, it
    was Besant who chartered The Theosophical Society in Miami, Florida.

The Theosophical Society in Miami grew through the 1920's and 30's, moving to several
different locations and in 1938, was incorporated as an autonomous not-for-profit
corporation in South Florida.

    In 1962, the The Theosophical Society in Miami moved to N.E. 62nd Street in Miami,
    where it remained until 1993.   It then moved to 831 S.E 9th Street, Deerfield Beach,
    33441 where it is now located.  Although our official name is still The Theosophical
    Society in Miami (the name on our charter), we now call ourselves The
    Theosophical Society in Miami & South Florida, better reflecting the community we

Our current centralized location, with ample, well lit, free parking, is conveniently
situated in the Palm Plaza Shopping Center.  It is supported by complimentary
Establishments....including a Yoga School, an Italian food restaurant and various
other Natural Health Establishments within the Plaza.  It is located in a
Metropolitan Area,  which is a good place to serve our South Florida Membership
There is no religion higher than Truth.

Theosophical Society
in Miami & South Florida
831 SE 9th Street
Deerfield, Florida, 33441, USA

Phone:  954-420-0908

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