• Programs, courses, study groups and workshops are
    open to all and are offered without charge.

  • Every effort is made to present facilitators and presenters
    who are expert in their field of study. These persons serve
    without compensation other than the reward that comes
    from sharing their understanding with others.

  • The Quest Bookstore is operated by volunteers who are
    members of the Society and who wish to serve the
    community in this way.
Expenditures are necessary to maintain the Society. The funds for these are provided by:

    Free will donations by members and friends of the Society. Participants in programs are
    encouraged to contribute $5 dollars per session, but there is no requirements to contribute, nor is
    there any "pressure" placed on membership to do so. The idea is that responsible people will act

Profits generated by the Quest Bookstore. Purchases of books and other items from the store
helps the Society and members receive a 25% discount on all purchases.

    Regular periodic contributions by members and friends who recognize the need for
    a building fund for future expansion.

Annual Membership Dues which are divided between The Theosophical Society in America and the
Theosophical Society in South Florida. Membership and its Benefits are discussed on the
There is no religion higher than Truth.

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