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3:00—4:30 pm.  SPEAKERS FORUM.  Speakers and their topics are listed elsewhere.

Facilitator:  Janani

All spiritual pursuits involve some form of recognition/acknowledgement of the Creator.  Yet without knowing
who/what the Creator is, it is somewhat challenging to pursue, much less embrace such a Being.  Thus, this
lack of understanding then hinders the adherent’s spiritual growth and success.  Moreover, in the vein of
developing such a relationship, I must be able to visualize my connection to that Creator.  This is especially true
in this relationship because the Creator is not someone with whom you can have a typical face to face meeting
and with whom you can have an up close and personal embrace/hand shake or rub elbows or shoulders.  
Hence, the intent of this chapter is to help you to discover how, in fact, you can do all of the above by knowing
how to look at yourself, others and the world.


Facilitator: Carole Ross                        EVERY SUNDAY                                                                          Ongoing

Tea will be served at 7:30.  Meditation will begin at 8:00 with music and poetry (on CD's).  Bring a throw pillow if
you prefer to sit on the floor.  I look forward to sharing this time with you.


6:00—7:30 pm ESOTERIC PHILOSOPHY Facilitator: Edgar Quiroga

Esoteric philosophy inquires into the meaning of human existence, the levels of consciousness, thought, feeling
and action; and our function and possibilities.
The class is designed as an interactive group.  Questions and answers are welcome.  The class is also
designed to be integrated with the subject Man in Society. It is indicated in esoteric teaching that both man and
woman are part of the Higher Self and that our aim and direction in life is to become aware of the higher Self and
thus fulfill our purpose in life.  We all live in a community.  Can the society we live in have a different aim and
direction?  What is the true purpose of our existence and the society we live in?  For those interested in pursuing
this inquiry further, the class is being offered.


11:00—11:55 am.  THE ADVAITA MASTERS FOCUS GROUP                                                            Ongoing                     
Facilitators: Ralph Beaudry, Theresa Lawrence

Advaita is one of the world’s most ancient philosophies.  In the dialogues with Masters one catches the
inexpressible; something indescribable.  Words are the vehicle but between the words - the flow is there. Energy
moves, grace moves, joy moves.  A Master's words move you inward to experience 'who' you really are. This is
not a teaching.  Share these words with us on Tuesdays.


12 Noon—1:30 pm.  ESOTERICA—Facilitators: Ralph Beaudry, Theresa Lawrence                            Ongoing

Come explore with us the many esoteric topics which comprise the landscape of inner inquiry.  This is a forum
for all to share their ideas and questions.   A Meal for the Mind will follow where the discussion may continue.

3:00—4:30 pm. THE GIFT OF MYSTIC POETRY   Facilitator:  Brian Burns                                      
Ongoing                                                                   2nd and 4th Tuesday

5:00—7:00 PM. ESOTERIC SCHOOL OF THEOSOPHY   2nd Tues. of the Month      

EST Members Only     
For more information see Carol Hurd,

6:00 pm. A COURSE IN MIRACLES (ACIM) Facilitator: Zandra Vann    1st, 3rd & 4th TUES.          Ongoing  

"A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. It is this
experience toward which the course is directed."  (MT, COT, pg 77.)
 A Course in Miracles therefore is a universal
spiritual wisdom teaching, not a religion.  [Paraphrased from A Course In Miracles - Foundation For Inner Peace:
web site (ACIM.ORG)]   This group of teachers and students will review all three volumes of the curriculum as
well as introducing other resources for discussion, under-standing and practicing the principles of ACIM.  To
remove obstacles of awareness of ourselves and inner peace.  "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal
exists.  Herein lies the peace of God."


Facilitator:  Tony Spatarella                                                                                               Ongoing

This class focuses on calming meditation, insight meditation (Vipassana), chakra purification and Tantric
visualization meditations.  There is also some discussion on how to integrate the practice into our lives on a
daily basis.

Facilitator:  Janani Cleary                                                                                                                      Ongoing

This text by Vidyaranya Swami – a teacher in the Sankaracharya Order is an undated work consisting of 15
chapters (hence it’s name – Pancha = 5 + Dashi = 10) The overall text is a comprehensive work that is intended
to help the student really focus on the Vision of the Reality of Everything by honing in on pertinent and essential
topics of study and contemplation.  In the first chapter the topic is knowing what is really Real which when
focused upon eliminates all that is not real.  This is an extremely important subject of study because even in
everyday life, people need to be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction.  Our current political social
environment is a perfect example of what happens when the two are not clear.  Not having clarity, means that you
then become hamstrung around knowing which is the best way to live your life.  Going one step further, to know
the Absolute Reality gives you an added dimension in this regard and ultimately frees you from the constant,
uncertain/unreliable changes that you are faced with in everyday life.  Clarity over confusion is presented in this


6:00—7:15pm “AN EVENING WITH MADAME BLAVATSKY.”                                                            Ongoing
Facilitators:  Renate zum Tobel and Judy Buchbinder –
1st and 3rd Thursday

NO CLASSES in July and August.  Class will resume SEPT. 6TH

We will use HPB’s book: ‘The Key to Theosophy’ which is written in Q & A style as a guide for further insight and
discussion on Theosophy and what it points to.  HPB may answer many of our questions.  Books will be
available for purchase at a discounted price.

7:00—8:30 pm.   BUDDHISM 101 – FOUNDATIONS OF BUDDHISM                                                  Ongoing
Facilitator: Tony Spatarella and Brian Burns  -  2nd and 4th

Join Brian Burns and Tony Spatarella as they present all aspects of the Buddhist Path to Enlightenment. This
class will focus on the core teachings found in the various lineages of Buddhism from around the world.

7:00 pm.  GUIDED MEDITATIONS           1ST Friday of each month                                                    Ongoing
Facilitator: Brian Burns

A—BODHI-HEART—Guided Meditations with Brian. Practices from the Zen, Pure Land and TheTibetan Buddhist

7:30 pm.  SOUTH FLORIDA DHARMA presents: “Exploring the World of ‘Dream Yoga’.”             Ongoing
4th Friday of the month

Join Brian, Jeff, & Tony as they present both the daytime and nighttime practices of Dream Yoga. For the first 4
sessions we will explore the daytime practices which include meditation, yogic purification, illusory body
practice, mirror practice, and a partner practice. For the next several sessions, we will learn about & engage the
nighttime practices, to assist us toward the experience of lucid dreaming.  This allows for us to increase
awareness, as we build a bridge between our waking and dream consciousness. These unique practices allow
us the opportunity to grow spiritually, and increase our clarity of mind.


10:45 am.  EXERCISES IN AWARENESS     Facilitator:  Jurgen Kruppa                                          Ongoing

The application of Metaphysical Principles in everyday life.

12:45—1:45 pm.  THE LIGHT OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE – RUDOLPH STEINER                               Ongoing
Facilitator: Leilani Racoma-Lessnau

Join us in examining the essential nature of the human being through the Spiritual Scientific investigations of
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), an Austrian born doctor of philosophy, highly trained scientist and clairvoyant. We
will endeavor to dive deeply into the mysteries of the human being’s fourfold structure of bodies (Physical,
Etheric, Astral, and Ego) and how these bodies relate to the human soul forces of Thinking, Feeling and Willing.
These concepts have been modernized through the work of Rudolf Steiner. We will share our thoughts regarding
these foundational keys in discussion and investigations of Spiritual Science.

2:00—4:00 pm.  B.O.T.A.  Studies of the Tarot.  Facilitator:  Bill Burdette                                
Second Saturday of the Month—July 14th,  Aug. 11th, September 8th                               Ongoing  

Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) is a true Mystery School, an outer vehicle of the Inner Spiritual Hierarchy,

sometimes called the Inner School.  Its system is that of the Western, Qabalistic-Hermetic tradition.  An
important part of B.O.T.A. work involves the study of Tarot. Tarot is one of the foremost aids to spiritual
transformation as the series of Tarot keys is a record of the inner knowledge of the western sages in picture
form.  It is this use of Tarot that our presentations will employ, not any common use such as fortune telling.


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