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1:00—2:30 pm. STUDIES IN THE SECRET DOCTRINE, VOLUME II,                                         Ongoing
Facilitator: Carol Hurd 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month

Volume 2 of the Secret Doctrine focuses on the coming into being and the evolution of Humanity through the 7
Root Races (developmental stages). Volume 2 begins by telling the story of the beginnings of sentient life.
Why is this important? As Sri Mahava Ashish says in Man Son of Man: "What we believe about our origin
determines what we believe about our destiny, and both of these determine our attitude towards everyday life--
our personal and social ethic."

3:00—4:30 pm.         SPEAKERS FORUM.
Speakers and their topics are listed elsewhere.

6:00—7:00 pm. BHAGAVAD GITA: CHAPTER 9
Facilitator: Janani Cleary Ongoing

This chapter first establishes the presence of the Creator and then presents the vision of the Creator and how
the Creator manifests throughout the Creation as well as the roles that we all have to play within the setup of
the Creation. It is at once both wholly and colorfully descriptive as well as logical. It gives the backdrop of how
the Vedas present the connection between the Creator and the Vedic social structure and by so doing, it
completely reinforces that vision that includes and embraces each and every participant.

Facilitator: Carole Ross EVERY SUNDAY                                                                                         Ongoing

Tea will be served at 7:30. Mediation will begin at 8:00 with music and poetry (on CD's). Bring a throw pillow if
you prefer to sit on the floor. I look forward to sharing this time with you.

“My religion is the religion of Love.”
—Albert Schweitzer

5:30—7:15 pm. MAN IN SOCIETY Facilitator: Edgar Quiroga

It is indicated in esoteric teaching that both man and woman are a part of Higher Self and that our aim and
direction in life is to become aware of the Higher Self and thus fulfill our purpose in life. We all live in a
community. Can the Society we live in have a different aim and direction? What is the true purpose of Man in
Society? For those interested in pursuing this inquiry further the class is being offered.

11:00—11:55 am. THE ADVAITA MASTERS FOCUS GROUP                                                 Ongoing
Facilitators: Ralph Beaudry, Theresa Lawrence

Advaita is one of the world’s most ancient philosophies. In the dialogues with Masters one catches the
inexpressible; something indescribable. Words are the vehicle but between the words - the flow is there.
Energy moves, grace moves, joy moves. A Master's words move you inward to experience 'who' you really are.
This is not a teaching. Share these words with us on Tuesdays.

12 Noon—1:30 pm. ESOTERICA—Facilitators: Ralph Beaudry, Theresa Lawrence         Ongoing

Come explore with us the many esoteric topics which comprise the landscape of inner inquiry. This is a forum
for all to share their ideas and questions. A Meal for the Mind will follow where the discussion may continue.

Facilitator: Brian Burns Ongoing 2nd and 4th Tuesday

5:00—7:00 PM. ESOTERIC SCHOOL OF THEOSOPHY 2nd Tues. of the Month EST Members Only
For more information see Carol Hurd,

Facilitator: Zandra Vann 1st, 3rd & 4th TUES.                                                                                 Ongoing

"A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. It is this
experience toward which the course is directed." (MT, COT, pg 77.)
A Course in Miracles therefore is a universal spiritual wisdom teaching, not a religion. [Paraphrased from A
Course In Miracles - Foundation For Inner Peace: web site (ACIM.ORG)] This group of teachers and students
will review all three volumes of the curriculum as well as introducing other resources for discussion, under-
standing and practicing the principles of ACIM. To remove obstacles of awareness of ourselves and inner
peace. "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God."


Facilitator: Tony Spatarella                                                                                                                         Ongoing

This class focuses on calming meditation, insight meditation (Vipassana), chakra purification and Tantric
visualization meditations. There is also some discussion on how to integrate the practice into our lives on a
daily basis.

7:00—8:00pm. KENOPANISHAD
Facilitator: Janani Cleary                                                                                                                         Ongoing

The Upanishads are texts that are part of the Vedas. They unfold Vedanta - the Vision of Oneself. There are at
least 120 known Upanishads of which 10 are considered to be major because their scope encompasses the
essence of all of Vedanta. Kenopanishad is a smaller major Upanishad that conducts an intriguing inquiry into
who and what is the essence of ourselves. In its approach, it reveals that the discovery of the true nature of
ourselves is readily accomplished by simply asking the right questions

“True compassion does not come from wanting to help out those less fortunate than ourselves but from
realizing our kinship with all beings.” —Pema Chödrön


Facilitators: Renate zum Tobel and Judy Buchbinder –
1st and 3rd Thursday starting Jan. 4th.

We will use HPB’s book: ‘The Key to Theosophy’ which is written in Q & A style as a guide for further insight
and discussion on Theosophy and what it points to. HPB may answer many of our questions. Books will be
available for purchase at a discounted price.

7:00—8:30 pm. BUDDHISM 101 – FOUNDATIONS OF BUDDHISM Ongoing
Facilitator: Tony Spatarella and Brian Burns - 2nd and 4th Thursday

Join Brian Burns and Tony Spatarella as they present all aspects of the Buddhist Path to Enlightenment.
This class will focus on the core teachings found in the various lineages of Buddhism from around the world.


7:00 pm. GUIDED MEDITATIONS 1ST Friday of each month                                                         Ongoing
Facilitator: Brian Burns
A—BODHI-HEART—Guided Meditations with Brian. Practices from the Zen, Pure Land and TheTibetan
Buddhist Traditions.

2nd Friday of the month                                                                                                                         Ongoing

Join us for Spiritual Cinema Night at the Theosophical Society in Deerfield Beach. The movies we will enjoy
together will focus on a wide range of topics related to spiritual and psychological enquiry and growth. We will
announce by e-mail details regarding what movie will be shown as the scheduled evening approaches.

7:30 pm. SOUTH FLORIDA DHARMA presents: “Exploring the World of ‘Dream Yoga’.”         Ongoing
4th Friday of the month

Join Brian, Jeff, & Tony as they present both the daytime and nighttime practices of Dream Yoga. For the first 4
sessions we will explore the daytime practices which include meditation, yogic purification, illusory body
practice, mirror practice, and a partner practice. For the next several sessions, we will learn about & engage
the nighttime practices, to assist us toward the experience of lucid dreaming. This allows for us to increase
awareness, as we build a bridge between our waking and dream consciousness. These unique practices
allow us the opportunity to grow spiritually, and increase our clarity of mind.

“The greatest obstacle to connecting with our joy is resentment.”
—Pema Chödrön


10:45 am. EXERCISES IN AWARENESS Facilitator: Jurgen Kruppa                                         Ongoing

The application of Metaphysical Principles in everyday life.

12:45—1:45 pm. THE LIGHT OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE – RUDOLPH STEINER                         Ongoing
Facilitator: Leilani Racoma-Lessnau

Join us in examining the essential nature of the human being through the Spiritual Scientific investigations of
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), an Austrian born doctor of philosophy, highly trained scientist and clairvoyant. We
will endeavor to dive deeply into the mysteries of the human being’s fourfold structure of bodies (Physical,
Etheric, Astral, and Ego) and how these bodies relate to the human soul forces of Thinking, Feeling and
Willing. These concepts have been modernized through the work of Rudolf Steiner. We will share our thoughts
regarding these foundational keys in discussion and investigations of Spiritual Science.

2:00—4:00 pm. B.O.T.A. Studies of the Tarot. Facilitator: Margarita Nantel
Second Saturday of the Month—Jan. 13th, Feb. 10th, March 10th                                         Ongoing

Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) is a true Mystery School, an outer vehicle of the Inner Spiritual Hierarchy,
sometimes called the Inner School. Its system is that of the Western, Qabalistic-Hermetic tradition. An
important part of B.O.T.A. work involves the study of Tarot. Tarot is one of the foremost aids to spiritual
transformation as the series of Tarot keys is a record of the inner knowledge of the western sages in picture
form. It is this use of Tarot that our presentations will employ, not any common use such as fortune telling

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”
—Pema Chödrön


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