The Three Objects of the Theosophical Society  
  • To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color.
  • To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy, and science.
  • To investigate unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity.

If you are in agreement with the Three Objects and would like to become a member use the following application


1. Complete Application for The Theosophical Society in America.   
2. Send application to address  below with a check payable to The Theosophical Society in Miami as follows:

                                             831 SE 9th Street, Deerfield Beach, Florida
                                                                      954-420 -0908    
Annual National Dues: General Membership is $60. See application for student, family, senior & Life Mbr. Dues.

Local Branch dues according to the schedule below.
Please note that the National Lodge mentioned on the attached sheet is different
from the Local Branch. You may join a Local Branch and the National Lodge if you choose, but you do not have to. However, the Annual
National Dues plus Branch dues must be paid for you to remain a local member. (This Branch will accept a check or cash, but not a
credit card.)

Local Branch dues amount: The annual Branch dues of the Theosophical Society in Miami & South Florida are $24 plus annual national
. Local Branch dues of a student under 25 are $10.  See a Branch officer for initial Branch dues of a student. Current proof of your
student status must accompany your application
. These initial annual branch dues will vary according to the month you join because the
Branch fiscal year ends April 30.

National Dues (General Membership--$60. (See Application for Student, Senior, Family & Life Mbr dues)
Plus Branch dues which are as follows for a single adult:
   Initially joining in May or June                                            $24
   Initially joining in July or August                                        $20
   Initially joining in September or October                         $16
   Initially joining in November or December                      $12
   Initially joining in January or February                              $ 8                         
   Initially joining in March or April                                         $ 4
Please fill in the correct amount of initial Branch dues depending on the month you join.                                 

Total remittance included. This amount will vary depending on the month you join.                                 

Send or bring application to the Branch (see address above). Do not mail application to the National Center. It must be sent to this
Branch and signed by a Branch Officer for you to join a Branch.
This Branch will forward your National dues to the national center.  In
subsequent years the national center will send you a renewal notice during the anniversary month in which you joined.
Please pay your
subsequent national renewal dues directly to National Center


In addition to all the national membership benefits listed on the back of the application form there are additional benefits for members of
the Theosophical Society and South Florida as follows:

   Borrowing privileges from the local Branch library that lends books, Videos, DVD’s, & CD’s to members.

   25% discount on purchases from the local Branch bookstore.


                                                                         THEOSOPHICAL MOTTO

                                                            There is no religion higher than Truth.


For further information contact:

Member Services at or 1-800-669-1571 ext 322.  


For Branch dues and membership information please contact Carol Hurd at:
The Theosophical Society in America
1926 North Main Street · P. O. Box 270 · Wheaton, IL 60189-0270
Phone 630-668-1571 · Fax 630-668-4976
International Headquarters · Adyar, Chennai (Madras), India 600020