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  • The Theosophical Society, while reserving for each member, full freedom to interpret those
    teachings known as Theosophy, is dedicated to persevering and realizing the ageless
    wisdom, which embodies both a world view and a vision of human self- transformation.

  • This tradition is founded upon certain Fundamental Propositions....

  • The Universe and all that exits within it are one interrelated and interdependent whole.
    Every existent being, from atom to galaxy, is rooted in the same Universal, life creating
    Reality. This Reality is all pervasive but it can never be summed up in its parts, since it
    transcends all its expressions. It reveals itself in the purposeful, ordered and meaningful
    processes of nature as well as in the deepest recesses of the mind and spirit.

  • Recognition of the unique value of every living being expresses itself in reverence for life,
    compassion for all, sympathy with the need of all individuals to find truth for themselves
    and respect for all religious traditions. The ways in which these ideals become realities in
    individual life are both the privileged choice and the responsible act of every human being.

  • Central to the concerns of Theosophy is the desire to promote understanding and unity
    among people of all races, nationalities, philosophies and religions. Therefore, all people,
    whatever their race, creed, sex, caste or color, are invited to participate equally in the life
    and work of the Society. The Theosophical Society imposes no dogmas, but points toward
    the source of unity behind all differences. Devotion to truth, love for all living beings and
    commitment to a life of active altruism are the marks of the true Theosophist.

     By N. Sri Ram

     The following observations from myself, spoken to a gathering at Adyar,
     may be of interest to our readers:

     These are, of course, days which are very, very critical for the world
     as a whole, and there is little that any one of us can do to help our
     fellow human beings who are caught in this crisis. All that we can do is
     to live in such a way , have such thoughts and feelings, as will make us
     centers of peace, illumination and strength to others. If we life such a
     life, we are doing what is most needed at present.

     There is the time honored idea, at least in India, that even without
     going round to various places, without making any great noise or splash,
     without ostensible activity, one can help the world potently from where
     he is, by his thoughts and by an attitude of mind in which his attention
     and interest are centered in the good of his fellow human beings and
     upon those truths which are fundamental and essential for our living,
     which spell out that good.

     In the old days there were people who, it is said, performed tapas,
     which means austerity, for the world's welfare, sometimes in order to
     accomplish a specific great deed. I feel it would be well for all of us
     to live and work in that spirit of selflessness and dedication, a life
     of beautiful and sweet simplicity, not self-mortification. We need to
     concentrate on those things which are really worthwhile, and not fritter
     away our energy and interest on all kinds of matters which are
     essentially of tivial significance.

     If all of us in the Society prepare ourselves in that way for whatever
     work we may be able to do, if we strive to live a life of greater
     purity, more light and sweetness, more brotherliness in a very real
     sense, not sentimentalism, we will be better and more effective

     A Theosophist is a person who has a feeling of friendliness in his
     heart, who seeks truth, and does not chase nor is satisfied with
     illusions. He is a person whose real interest in life is to make life
     more beautiful, better and happier for all concerned. Anyone who
     satisfies these conditions is a real Theosophist, whether he is a member
     of the Theosophical Society or not.

     Many of us are members because we want to help this great organization
     which exists for a supremely altruistic purpose, altruism in a deep,
     true and extended sense. The Society does not exist for our own
     edification, much less for our amusement of glorification; it exists in
     order that each one of us may lend his strength, give of his light and
     whatever capacity he may have, to make the world a better place in which
     to live; better not merely from a physical point of view, but with a
     more spiritual climate, a rarer, more vital atmosphere where all kinds
     of delicate and wonderful things can grow.

     HPB, our great founder, has said that towards the hundreth anniversary
     of the Theosophical Society one might expect a fresh spiritual impetus.
     It is to be hoped that her prophecy will come to pass. But then, what is
     important is not merely to hope for something great to happen, but to
     prepare ourselves in such a way that if there is anything beautiful
     happening, whether now or then, we are open to it, are able to enter
     into that beauty and convey it to those with whom we come into contact.
     We are not called upon to do anything heroic in an outward sense, much
     less to indulge in heroics of any sort; what we have to do is to be
     steady where we are, like a candle, not blown by any breeze, which
     throws its beams in a place of darkness, so that we bring illumination
     and cheer in the places we happen to be.

     If we can be like that lighted candle with its steady flame going upward
     all the time in pure aspiration---you might call it prayer--then we will
     really proved ourselves Theosophists in truth, as we are now
     Theosophists in name.

     We should all be able in the times ahead to do more and better than we
     have done hitherto; not by any kind of feverish activity - of course
     everyone has to be active in his own way - but by such action as is
     wise, beneficent and of deep spiritual import. We may do a small thing
     and that little thing may be a gesture which conveys a very great deal.
     It may have an extraordinary significance, even though it may be a
     slight little act; or we may do a multitude of things , make an
     inordinate amount of noise, a lot of raging, tearing propaganda to
     convince others that we are doing better than we really are. But all
     that would be just so much sound and fury which dies down, leaving
     things much as they were. It is always truth and its action which
     counts, not make-believe, truth in what we think, feel and act. It is
     the truth that is deeply within us which matters most.

The late Nilkanta Sri Ram was the International President of the
Theosophical Society,Adyar, for many years, and a humble sage of deep
insight and wisdom.
There is no religion higher than Truth.

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